Benefits of dancing

Dance is a form of art of a human movement with a sequence. Dance is an essential part of a person’s life in order to stay fit and healthy. It is suitable for people of all ages and sizes. In order to learn dance you should first have a proper checkup whether your health, weight and body would be okay with you dancing or not because health is wealth and we should be careful with ourselves.

One thing is for sure that benefits of dancing are endless. Different fitness clubs now offer dance classes as well to stay fit and active all day long. Dance is a skill that can never get wasted. It refreshes you, can keep you fit as well as it is a way to express your emotions. It brings flexibility in ones body. Dance is usually and mostly performed with music but some dances like tap dance has its own music made by tapping.

 It gives physical and mental health benefits, some of them are muscular strength, stronger bones, reduced risk of osteoporosis, emotional and social skills confidence, improves balance, fitness, improved mental functioning, weight management and so more

Dance is associated with specific cultures besides being an exercise. Dance is a physical form of expressions like happiness, sadness and your anger. Dance helps you get on a track, if you can’t express in words then do it in moves.


There is a wide range of dances you can choose anyone of them that suits you, some are ballet dance, disco, belly dance (Arabic dance), hip-hop, pole dancing

Salsa. Salsa dance has deep Caribbean and African roots. It has gained more popularity in recent years, it is easy to perform but tough to master and even there is a saying “if you can walk, you can master salsa”.  Salsa classes are showing in most areas of the world because of its popularity and benefits. There are so many clubs who offer salsa classes in Dubai. One of them is, Dance Studio Dubai.

Dance studio Dubai is well known for salsa classes they offer group as well as individual lessons from professional dancers. Not just salsa they teach other dances as well. They have professional dancers who’d welcome us to their institute and teach us well.